Chameleon Software

Chameleon Software

Making mobile-friendly sites truly adaptive

In general, people are much more aware in 2015 about the need for websites to be mobile-friendly than they were only a couple of years ago.

The industry’s answer has been to develop responsive designs, sites that respond to the size of the screen the visitor is using. It is the technique we build on with our Chameleon Software.

So what does Chameleon add?

Chameleon adds device recognition to your site, making it truly adaptive rather than just responsive.

cartoon image of mobile icons 'apparently we all look the same'

If, for example, you offer an Android app, there’s no benefit suggesting to an iPhone user that they download it. With responsive alone, your site can’t tell the difference between an Apple and an Android, with Chameleon you can. So now you can make a better connection with your customers AND be more effective with your marketing messages.

image of the square ipadAlso the gaining popularity of iPads and other tablet devices has an impact. Whilst PC sites display OK on iPad in landscape mode, they can become hard to read in portrait.

Chameleon adjusts the display between portrait and landscape, keeping your messages clear and readable. Again responsive itself doesn’t know how to do this.

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