Virtual Expo

Virtual Expo

The Coronavirus pandemic had a major impact on many business sectors with lockdown measures introduced in early 2020.

Less publicised, but just as adversely affected as hospitality, the live events sector took a major hit as a result of the restrictions imposed on gatherings.

The team at Big Media saw an opportunity to build on the strength of the online learning platform to cater for delivery of Virtual and Hybrid online exhibitions and events. As a direct result, the Virtual Expo platform has been central to our business development since mid-2020.


Be wise BEFORE the event


One of the unique aspects of the Virtual Expo platform is the use of intuitive, virtual exhibition stands that allow visitors to interact with the stand much as they would in reality.

Visitors can download brochures, view videos, leave an enquiry or engage in live chat with the exhibitor team members.

Speaker Sessions can be hosted as either live or pre-recorded events. Also the facility is there to have Networking chat between attendees, which can be run as facilitated sessions if required.

The Virtual Expo platform can be used for exhibitions and events, trade shows, company conferences, networking events and marketplaces

For more information, visit our Virtual Expo website here