Landing Pages

Mobile-friendly landing pages

A landing page comes before your main homepage when people visit your site.

How does this work?

If you currently have a PC-only site, all visitors will be presented with that experience, regardless of device type


WITH a landing page by Big Media, your customers see your brand and key messages optimised for the device they are using.


From here they can contact you directly, or continue to visit your main site as before.

  • We will design an opening screen that reflects your brand and style
  • We can make it have real visual impact, including options for full-screen images and even video backgrounds
  • We will add the key information of your choice, so that mobile visitors will automatically get a view that suits their chosen device, including features like “click-to-call” phone numbers
  • We will then link this landing page seamlessly to the rest of your site, for those who want to explore further
  • If at some point you decide to upgrade the other pages of your site to match the multiplatform capability of your landing page, we can help with that too

Prices start from under £100, depending on the features you want to include.

This is a great option if you would like to make sure that your key messages and contact details are unmissable when mobile users visit your site, but are otherwise happy for the rest of your content to stay as it is for now.

Of course, if you’d like us to make some tweaks to the PC design while we’re in there, we can!

Contact us to discuss this option further