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Our partners are selected for their complementary skills and professional service

Vofox Solutions – software and web application development

Headquartered in Kerala, India, Vofox have been delivering high quality, scalable and cost effective offshore software development and web solutions since 2005.

Now with a core team of over 75 programmers skilled in different coding languages and techniques, Vofox has been gaining a growing reputation for professional solutions and cost-effective delivery with a global audience for over a decade.

“The last few years have seen a growth in demand for Android and iOS programming, adding to our core skills in .NET” commented Nujin Jacob, CEO of Vofox. “The connection with Big Media strengthens our ability to offer full solution provision to clients in the UK. Furthermore, this ties in neatly with Big Media’s skills in wireframing and visualisation, which is where many projects benefit from closer, face-to-face liaison.”

Malcolm Stewart – Director at Big Media, said “This partnership provides us with an opportunity to leverage both the skills and cost advantages that offshore programming provides, whilst maximising the connection for clients in our local market. We see our abilities to work locally with clients, scoping and visualising the project, combining with the offshore programming capabilities of Vofox, delivers a compelling solution and increases customer confidence.”

With Big Media acting as Project Liaison and first point of contact, UK clients can benefit from the best in having a local connection with the best in cost and delivery terms offshore programming has to offer.

Need onsite programmers for your project?

If you have a project where you would prefer to have on-site programmers, then this is also an option we can offer via Vofox. Whilst the charges are higher for onshore programmers, some larger projects can benefit from a more direct coordination that is best delivered by programmers working at your premises.

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