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The Real Rise of the Silver Surfer

There has long been much debate over the use of the Internet and its role in support of the elderly.

The issue has long been the balance between the benefits that the Internet can offer in terms of communication and support for independent living, versus the (perceived) complexity of the devices needed to access these benefits.

Having been involved in both public sector and private projects looking at supporting independent living since the 1990s, the team here at Big Media are watching with interest as the debate rises again. Continue reading

A New Year, A New You

A New Year, A New You … us … well me, anyway!

Welcome back from the stint in the silly season, and to the business of sharing insights and views on matters pertaining to the industry we’re in.

And that, dear reader, is the business of supporting the online presence of whatever business you are in.

So what’s changing?

Well, despite the best efforts of those with a grudge (religious, cultural, commercial or just downright malevolent) who keep attacking, Continue reading

Press Release: Profit from your knowledge with Easy2

Press Release: 24/11/15

Milton Keynes-based web solutions company, Big Media, have announced the release of version 2 of their much-acclaimed online Training Management System (TMS) Easy2 Training.

The original edition of Easy2 Training, launched in 2013, has already been used in the last 18 months to provide online training courses to over 5,000 pharmacists, first aiders and carers, saving costs and improving engagement on the one hand, whilst providing at least 400% ROI for training providers on the other. Continue reading

I did it my way – the iPad – chapter 1

The iPad can be hard to please when designing websites

Responsive web design techniques are all the rage at the moment, and represent a fabulous way to create websites that look good and work well on handheld devices like mobiles and tablets. However, responsive design can come up short.

Responsive techniques work by checking the size, well width really, of the screen you are viewing the site on, and applying different design rules based on that.
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SEO – the natural shape of things

If true SEO is about things being natural, why isn’t it enough to be natural?

Over the summer we embarked on a 3 month Search Engine Optimisation experiment to see if a certain approach could benefit page rankings.

Working on advice from a team with demonstrable results in certain cases, the approach involved writing a number of articles of generic interest on a given subject. Within them was included a link to 2 or 3 sites as examples of particular aspects covered, amongst which was one to our site. Continue reading

Hurdles versus the High Jump

It pays to know what you are letting yourself in for

The much anticipated “Mobilegeddon” seems to have passed by without the world stopping on its axis. True, Google’s algorithm change in April of this year is taking effect, and mobile-friendly websites are rising to the top on search result pages on mobiles. And this is a good thing, as it improves customer experience and makes the web work better for all of us.

But it has not, from all the evidence I can see, been the death knell of many businesses and websites that some have been predicting. Continue reading

Google Mobile Web Doctors hit the Press

The Big Media Google Mobile Web Doctors attract interest from the local press

Big Media in the Welwyn and Hatfield Times – 3rd June 2015

Following on from our inaugural outing at the EXPO at the end of April, the attention Google is bringing to the need for sites to be mobile-friendly is rubbing off on the Big Media Team.

The Google Mobile Web Doctors made an appearance in the business pages of the Welwyn and Hatfield Times on 3rd June 2015 Continue reading

Online training and elearning strikes the right note at EXPO 3

A great reception for Big Media’s Online training and elearning platform at EXPO 3

We were very encouraged by how much interest was shown on the day in our mobile-friendly and fully multiplatform online training solution – easy2training.

Built on our in-depth knowledge and skills in mobile-friendly and multiplatform web design, the easy2training platform has been specifically implemented to work on mobiles, tablets, PCs and Smart TVs. كيف تربح بالروليت
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Google Mobile Web Doctors at the EXPO

A great day at the Woburn April 29 business EXPO 3

A BIG thank you to everyone who took time to talk to us about our online training platform and our FREE mobile-friendly site converter

Our thanks also too from us to the organisers, Vicky and her team, for all their efforts before and on the day.

The Big Media team built on the “Mobilegeddon” story and the recent announcement by Google by theming our stand as the “Google Mobile Web Doctors”. buy ivermectin near me
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How to PASS the Google mobile-friendly test

Big Media’s gecko mobile adjuster can get you mobile-friendly in minutes – for FREE

Google have announced a change to the way they will display mobile search results, starting 21st April 2015, which is just round the corner now.

Essentially, mobile-friendly sites will start to rank higher in mobile search results than those which are not. And as 30% of all searches are done from mobile now, this is a significant change. فيلم سباق السيارات
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