A New Year, A New You

A New Year, A New You … us … well me, anyway!

Welcome back from the stint in the silly season, and to the business of sharing insights and views on matters pertaining to the industry we’re in.

And that, dear reader, is the business of supporting the online presence of whatever business you are in.

So what’s changing?

Well, despite the best efforts of those with a grudge (religious, cultural, commercial or just downright malevolent) who keep attacking, hacking and generally trying force their way into places they’re not wanted, the world of the Internet continues to evolve much as it did throughout 2015.

  • The general trend of mobile and tablet usage for browsing continues to grow in relation to PC usage.
  • Also, as can be seen from December 2015 Black Friday, online retail continues upward whilst traditional high street retail has been struggling on.

Our view on this

Continuing on from the point above, we humans do rely very much on the physical side to life. Amazon may have hit new records in sales throughout the lead up to Christmas, but this ultimately only meant something once a physical object was delivered by a physical person using a very real van to the intended physical delivery address.

But the lesson is there – it was a suitable and strong online presence that attracted this business to the Amazon cash registers in the first place.

image of websites, mobile appsa and online training

Websites, Mobile Apps and Online Training

These are the three cornerstones to our business as we enter 2016 with renewed vigour.

First up – websites and ecommerce (or e-commerce if you prefer)

Again, managing to (just about) stay connected with my previous thread about Amazon, a suitable online presence is a must in today’s market – whether you trade more in the physical world, or are building a more virtual online proposition. With regard to the latter, we are nearing completion of a relatively major ecommerce site (with a twist), an experience that now puts larger scale ecommerce projects firmly within our scope. If you think you could benefit from an online sales channel, please get in touch

Online Training – a bright new star

The other two areas that have seen growing interest are mobile apps and online training. Both have been about customer engagement, and the latter marvelously demonstrates the harmony of online and face-to-face transactions. Our business has seen significant growth in training providers building on their face-to-face direct training heritage to also offer online courses. Cheaper to deliver, accessible 24 x 7, and manageable by users who can learn at their own pace, our Easy2 Training system is now an essential revenue generator for an increasing number of clients. To learn more about how you might profit from your knowledge, see our Easy2 Training website here

Mobile Apps – and the web app innovation

Despite many people saying a few years ago that the age of the mobile app had come to an end, it seems more than a few of us still like having a colourful icon or two decorating our mobile home screens. But just because you have an app, it doesn’t mean people will use it, it doesn’t mean they won’t. But whichever way you cut it, apps are expensive to deliver … or are they?

We are a leading UK practitioner in the use of web app “appcache” technology. This innovation is where you can make a website available offline. Combine this with the right set of icons, and a little splash of our very own chameleon software, and you have, to all intents and purposes, an app – one which can work on all platforms*.

Try out our example at appcache.co.uk, and if you’re not sure how, the “bookmark” button to get the instructions to set the homescreen icon for your device.

*Please Note: an appcache webapp will cater for all major mobile devices, tablets and PCs, PLUS most Smart TVs, all for typically less than a simple app for one platform.

Up Next … video

Next month we’ll be covering some information on video, which, like apps, has been traditionally expensive to produce. But for now we’ll leave you with a taster (only simple Standard Def this one I’m afraid) of us at last Month’s Business Show in Olympia.


Video of Big Media at The Business Show TBS2015