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Planning your website


image of wireframing exerciseFor any site that is more than a few pages, planning the structure early on is vital.

We use the term “wireframing” and have applied it to great benefit on many websites and web applications.

Two key benefits of wireframing are saving costs at the development stage and improving the user experience.


Wireframing Case Study – Learning and Skills Network

Creation of an online Mobile learning activity platform

How our Wireframing, User Interface and User Experience design delivered a £200,000 project, on budget and on time, for less than 18% of the total.

image of moledev editing screenThe Learning and Skills Network (LSN) had a brief to develop an online editor specifically aimed to help teachers in further and higher education create mobile learning activities. In order to ensure the brief for the programmers was spot on, the Big Media team brought our planning, design and UI/UX skills to bear.

We worked with the client, defining screen size parameters, the entire User Interface including buttons, graphics and colour schemes, and the full structure for the User experience. This formed a comprehensive brief for the programmers to follow, and kept control of the budget and timescales.

Bespoke programming

Often client requirements extend to more than just displaying text and images in an appealing website surround. Where this is the case, we can build specific programs to deliver the functionality you require.

Whilst many functions can be catered for using existing plugins, it’s often reassuring for clients to know they can be more specific with their requests.

Examples of work done include membership directories, used car stock management combined with easy photo upload, online training and online booking.

We’re not trying to make the unrealistic promise that we can do anything, but it is DEFINITELY worth asking us.