Big Media and BBX

** 1st October 2017 Update **

Big Media has discontinued our involvement in the BBX programme.

Other services we offer

We can still provide WordPress site development and hosting under our normal terms of business. Please take a look around our site to learn more about what we do, or check out the details below.

twit-profileOnline Training: A simple, flexible online Training Management System (TMS) that allows for the creation, editing, management and delivery of training content to your employees or customers. Easy2 Training has provided a superb Return on Investment (ROI) for clients who have adopted it to deliver online training.
Do you have untapped potential? There could be opportunities to unlock knowledge you have within your organisation, knowledge that could make or save you money if turned into online courses. Visit to learn more.


Link to Gecko Knight product informationSite Conversions: Unusual for web development companies, we offer the option to convert your existing site to be mobile-friendly. We fast-track the mobile conversion using our Gecko software. This powerful little toolkit is the baby brother to our full cross-platform Chameleon software, and typically takes a whopping 60% off the cost of performing a manual site conversion. Click here to learn more.


image of web app icons on mobile versus 4 separate appsMobile Apps: Another string to our bow is mobile app development. Conventional app development can be an expensive process, but we are one of the leading exponent in creating html5 offline web apps. Automatically compatible with all 4 major mobile platforms, “appcache” web apps store content offline for use by the user even where there is no signal, and can be accessed from the home screen via an icon in the same way a traditional app can.